May 5, 2011
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This is an overview of the newly redesigned Triple Step-Up. For scale, the first step-up is 110 feet, the second step up is 120 feet and the third is a measley 40 feet. For 2011 the Triple Step-Up goes farther up and over the hill (originally the Triple Step-Up ended at the REM pit road). In the background you can see the new downhill staircase section. The fence is not finished, but it is ready to be straightened and installed, while the flags, bridges, arches and green fencing will be put up next week.

From ground level the Triple Step-up looks intimidating. The riders will jump from the jump face in the foreground over the second big hump and then up to the REM track and over the next hump (with the tunnel in it).

The Staircase is a steep downhill that is done in a series of leaps down to the next lowest level. There are five levels, which are followed by a whoop section and the big step-down that launches the riders from the REM pits down to the USGP track below. On Wednesday of this week, Glen Helen had riders test all of the sections to make sure that they could be done?and to plan for any modifications.

This is the view to the south (looking towards the starting line. The corner in the foreground leads up Yamaha Hill. The turn on the right is at the bottom of the long Mt. Saint Helen Downhill. To the left and center is the scoring Tower and 24-Hour tower. The 150-foot long spectator bridge is in the center of the photo.

Not content with the available dirt, Glen Helen is trucking in screened and cleaned sand to build a brand-new whoop section. The sand will extend all the way to the Cat in the background. This section runs back towards the Talladega first turn. The 45-degree banked first turn can be seen over the cab of the dump truck. This is the biggest, widest, fastest and safest first turn in the sport (even though it is a right-hand turn).

The white water truck is watering the Talladega first turn as the dump truck is leaving the new sand section. Two Cats are spreading the sand out to a depth of three feet. Two dump trucks have been running loads into the track for two days.

This aerial photo only shows a small part of the complete Glen Helen facility. At the very top of the photo is the Lucas Oil Offroad Championship truck track. It has bleachers that hold 8000 people. Just below the Lucas track (on the left side of the photo) is the Glen Helen Endurocross track. It has bleachers also. To the upper right is Pro Circuit’s Supercross track (a small portion of it can be seen below the paved road). On left side side of the photo is the REM track (a section of which will be used for USGP?this is where half of the Triple Step-Up and The Staircase are located). On the right side of the photo is the majority of the USGP track. The steel spectator bridge is visible (at right/center).

For more info about the May 14 USGP go to www.glenhelen.com


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