September 27, 2011
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WHAT IS IT? The Ogio Loader 7600 is a full-size gear bag designed to give the biggest bang for the fewest bucks.


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WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Ogio’s Loader 7600 gear bag.

(1) Structure. The 7600 is made mainly of 600D Poly PVC. It has a reinforced semi-hard bottom that helps to keep its shape, despite the soft structure of the bag. The Ogio bag is light and doesn’t utilize any excess material. MXA test riders found the cloth portion of the bag to be durable, but without any hard plastic runners on the bottom, it won’t stand up to being dragged across the ground.

(2) Storage.
The Loader 7600 measures 15 inches tall, 17 inches wide and 32 inches long. Its volume is 7600 cubic inches, hence the name. All of the 7600’s volume comes from two compartments: a boot compartment and a main compartment. There is enough room for a pair of boots, an external chest protector, two sets of gear and a helmet (in a helmet bag).

(3) Height.
The Loader 7600 is a little taller than similarly designed gear bags. The height made it easier to stack a helmet with a chest protector in the main compartment and to fit boots in the boot pockets.

(4) Access. The Loader’s straight zipper creates a slit opening, which makes the bag more difficult to load and unload (compared to zippers that create a U-shaped flap). On the positive side, the slit design protected the bag’s contents from dust and drizzle when the bag was sitting unzipped in the pits.

(5) Colors. The Loader 7600 is available in Stealth (a fancy word for black) or Grangler, which is shown here.

(6) Warranty. Ogio’s limited lifetime warranty means that they will repair or replace the product if it breaks because of a manufacturing defect, but not if it wears out under normal use.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? There are several quibbles. (1) Vents. There is a dearth of vents. MXA test riders had to leave the bag unzipped to air the contents out. Not good. (2) Handles. The volume of the bag is greater than what the handles and shoulder straps can handle. Large bags usually have handles on the ends and/or wheels. The Ogio Loader 7600 has neither. (3) Compartments. There are no goggle, lens, glove or sock compartments. (4) Skids. A bag this big, without wheels or end handles, is going to be dragged from place to place. If that happens, it will wear out fast.

Its best feature is that it is big. It is, in essence, a big bag that offers almost zero additional features.


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