July 8, 2012
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Gary Sutherlin: 450 Pro winner. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Whether riders specialize in road racing, GNCC, WORCS, Endurocross or Baja, motocross is the tie that binds them together. No where was that more evident than at Glen Helen Raceway’s REM motocross. As the top riders in the 450 pro class included riders who vary their time between Endurocross, WORCS, Baja and Pro motocross.

Broc Shoemaker, 250 Pro winner, chased by Dylan Lemburg (88). Photo: Ernie Becker

Sean Collier was the class of the 450 Pro field, but he wasn’t the winner. After easily winning the first 450 Pro moto over Jeff Loop, Gary Sutherlin, Colton Udall and NorCal’s Lee Witt, Collier fell down in moto two.

This is the second race in a row that Sean Collier has had the win in the bag only to make a small miscue in moto two that cost him the win. Photo: Mark Chilson

As Sean Collier floundered on the track, Gary Sutherlin and Colton Udall began a battle royal for the overall win. While Sutherlin and Udall ran in close formation, Collier began a long hard charge from the back. He even managed to turn the Red Bull X Fighter backflip hump into a massive tabletop.

The racing was intense and Gary Sutherlin (7) and Colton Udall as stream past Kordel Caro (672). Photo: Dan Alamangos

There was a little drag racing going on at REM. Sean Collier (207) and Jeff Loop demonstrate (229). Photo: Dan Alamangos

This is the Pro pack with Lee Witt (440), Luca Nastrini (561), Gary Sutherlin (7), Broc Shoemaker (11) and Dylan Lemburg (880) spread out across the track. Photo: Dan Alamangos

In the end, Collier couldn’t get back to the head of the pack. Gary Sutherlin’s 3-1 was good enough to beat Sean Collier’s 1-3 for the 450 Pro win. Colton Udall rounded out the podium with a 4-2 (besting Jeff Loop’s 2-4).


Justin Jones, son of AMA National Champion Gary Jones, was the dominant rider in the Intermediate classes.  Photo: Mark Chilson

250 Pro: Broc Shoemaker swept both motos of the 250 pro class in front of Dylan Lemburg (2-2), Ryan Sandoval (4-3), Luca Nastrini (3-4) and Jake Scarbrough (5-7).

450 Intermediate: Justin Jones, preparing to Loretta Lynn, raced from the second gate start into the middle of the earlier starting Pro pack. Justin’s 1-1 was a tour de force.

250 Intermediate: As impressive as Justin Jones was in the 450 Intermediates, Jace Owen was equally so in the 250 class. Bradley Taft had a 2-3 behind Owen with Kris Palm (4-2) third, Max Groom (3-4), Andrew Richardson (6-5) and Kordel Caro (5-6).

Over-40 Intermediate:
South African Alan Julien actually won two classes at REM with a victory in the Over-40 Intermediate’s over Gary Bowman, Bryan Friday, Darren Cortines, Todd Huegel, Scott Fichter, Dana Alamangos and Scott Lindley. Plus, Julien also won the Vet Intermediate class.

Christian Campos was second in the 450 Intermediates behind Justin Jones, but came back later in the day to win the Open Intermediate class.  Photo: Mark Chilson

Over-50 Intermediate:
Randy Skinner won the Over-50 Intermediates, aided no doubt by the fact that the dominant rider of 2012, Mike Monaghan, was sent back up to the Over-50 Expert class after winning too many Intermediate races. Skinner’s 1-1 was followed by Joe Sutter’s 4-2, Owen Fitzsimon’s 3-3, Kirk Waymire’s 2-6, Gorge Kohler’s 5-4, Jeff Fahy’s 9-5, Mike Phillips 7-7, Ray Poltack’s 10-8 and Pete Vetrano’s 8-15.

Over-60 Expert: Four-time AMA National Champion Gary Jones only faced brief battles from second place finisher Jody Weisel (2-2) and third place Bruce Hoover (3-3) before pulling away to go 1-1.


Duke Ludwing (30), Eric Swanson and Ed Cotter (928) displays the prowess of Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Mike Hillion (413) pursues Jeff Scott (452) in the Over-50 Novice class. Hillion’s 3-1 would best Scott’s 2-2. Photo: Ernie Becker

Not every rider can be totally dominant. In those cases they have to put the lowest score together to take the victory.

Over-50 Novice: In a large field, Mike Hillion’s 3-1 edged out Jeff Scott’s 2-2 and Michael Mosca’s 1-4.

Over-50 Expert: LightSpeed owner Willie Amaradio uses a 1-2 to beat Dave Eropkin’s 2-3. Mike Monaghan, fresh out of the Intermediates ended up fourth for the day with a 4-4.

Mike Monaghan moved back to the Over-50 Expert class and proved his mettle by finishing fourth on a KTM 150SX. Photo: Ernie Becker

Over-40 Novice: Robin Hall’s 1-2 was good enough for the victory when second moto winner Pasha Afshar scored a sixth in moto one, Second went to Joe Sutter with a 3-3.

As the hill in the background looms large, the REM riders were treated to expansive views of Glen Helen’s layout.  Photo: Mark Chilson

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