January 24, 2013
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WHAT IS IT? The all-new V4 lid is Fox Racing’s premium race helmet. It is the choice of Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Emig.

WHAT’S IT COST? $549.95 (Flight or Future graphic), $574.95 (Monster or Rockstar graphic).

CONTACT? (888) 369-7223 or

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fox Racing V4 helmet.

(1) Shell. This is not a one-shell-size-fits-all type of helmet. Fox built four individual shell and EPS sizes to satisfy various head circumferences (unlike some helmets, which use two shell sizes and change the padding to accommodate four different sizes). The shell is crafted out of carbon fiber, a material that is durable and strong. The V4 weighs 3.5 pounds (size medium). The Shoei VFX-W and Arai VX-Pro 3 (competitors in the $550-and-up market) weigh slightly less than the V4.

(2) EPS liner . Not a single test rider feels comfortable riding with a helmet that has a single-density EPS liner. Why? Many inexpensive helmets use a hard single layer of foam in a density that doesn’t do the best job of dispersing energy. We prefer a dual-density EPS design, which has a firm outside layer mated to a softer inner layer against the cranium. The Fox V4 uses a dual-density liner. In our opinion, the V4 is a very safe helmet. It exceeds Snell 2010 and DOT standards.

(3) Visor. The most visible feature on the V4 is the sleek visor. Fox Racing’s design team did a standout job of incorporating the visor into the shell construction. That design, coupled with the use of mesh, carbon fiber and artistically crafted exhaust ports, makes the V4 the Kate Upton of motocross helmets. It’s a great-looking lid. We only wish that the visor were a bit longer to block roost better.

(4) Ventilation
. Thanks to 16 intake and eight exhaust ports, the V4 flows air as well as any helmet made. We were most pleased with the four large goggle intake ports. These flow-through openings forced air into the top of our goggles and kept us from sweating through the goggle foam. We can’t say the same thing about other high-dollar helmets, as they seem to trap heat around the face.

(5) Fit.
If you like the fit of the Fox V3, then you’ll love the all-new V4. It has a similar fit to the previous model, only it surrounds the head better. We didn’t suffer from any pressure-point issues. The removable liner was cushy and welcoming. We especially loved the excellent peripheral vision that the V4 provided, thanks to a huge eye port. Our only complaint about the V4 was that a few riders felt that the helmet didn’t sit far enough down on their heads. This caused the goggles to sit uncomfortably close to the rider’s eyes. We suggest that you try the helmet on before buying it because some riders who wear a medium in other brands, couldn’t get the V4 on..

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We have a few quibbles: (1) The visor could stand to be longer.we know that modern visors don’t do much to block the sun or roost, be can still hope. (2) Riders with really long faces might not like the fit of the V4.

The MXA wrecking crew was pleased with the Fox Racing V4 helmet. We liked the dual-density EPS liner, the construction, ventilation and fit (for the most part). This is a good lid.


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