WEIRD STUFF! HUSQVARNA SMQ CONCEPT: It’s Ugly But Cool; It’s Street Ready, But Looks Dirt Worthy; What Is It Really?

March 3, 2010
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    The SMQ is a motocross-oriented, supermoto-style bike designed for the street. With its steel tube hanger frame using the 450cc Husqvarna single as a stressed member it has a very distinct (if somewhat ugly) look with its minimalist, cradle-less design.

    As with the BMW enduro bike, the countershaft sprocket is centered over the swingarm pivot. The exhaust starts on the right ends in a monstrous megaphone-style muffler.

    Husky says the bike is a mix of vintage looks with modern technology?something they call “Vintech.”

    There are giant scalloped brake rotors and no fenders (instead, the grit is knocked down by a small mud guard on the front wheel and an extended seat/rear fender combo. The radiator is hidden behind the strange looking front fairing (and is hooked to the engine via aluminum tube water lines).

    It was designed by Raffaele Zaccagnini, best known as a car designer before joining Cagiva and Husqvarna.


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