March 7, 2006
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ÿÿÿÿEverybody has heard of Tom White. His family name is synomous with motorcycles. Tom started out as an AMA Grand National dirt tracker, racing against the likes of Kenny Roberts, Mert Lawwill, Mark Brelsford and Dave Aldana. He earned an AMA Grand National number on his Harley-Davidson XR750 and planned to make it to the top of the half-mile and mile world. Then he got injured. The badly broken arm failed to heal properly and Tom lost two years of his prime, but it wasn’t lost time. While healing Tom worked at Orange County Cycles in the heart of SoCal’s moto-centric world. It opened his eyes to a ÿdifferent part of the motorcycle world?motocross. And when he healed, Tom stopped racing dirt track and turned his attention to motocross (at Saddleback Park) and business (leaving Orange County Cycles to start Tom White Cycle Specialities).

ÿÿÿÿWhen his brother Dan joined him in the business, the name was changed to “White Brothers”?and the rest is history. In the ensuing 30 years the White Brothers grew into a mega-million dollar corporation, the brothers went their separate ways, Tom continued to race motocross every weekend and a few years ago sold the White Brothers.

ÿÿÿÿAlthough still a consultant to his old corporation, Tom has taken on the life of a retired country squire. His days are divided between surfing, racing at REM, announcing at major motorcycle events and tinkering in his garage.

ÿÿÿÿExcept that Tom’s garage is a two-story, 6500 square-foot, motorcycle museum. It houses over 80 of the world’s most sought-after motocross machines from the early years of motocross. Tom’s garage is beautifully constructed, but it isn’t a private showcase. Tom wants the world to see his collection and to make this happen he allows local SoCal motorcycle clubs to hold their monthly meetings, press events for companies and private gatherings for corporate events in the buillding (which has four giant flat screen TV, a full P.A. System and a patio area big enough for a mega barbeque).

ÿÿÿÿTom has plans to make the museum even more accessible and hopes to uses any income to fund a spinal cord injury charity that was helpful to the White family when his son Brad was injured.

ÿÿÿÿFor those of you unable to make the trek to Tom’s garage?here are some inside looks at Tom White’s Early Years of Motocross Museum.

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